I created a new Threads section* on my website, which is something I’ve wanted to do for a while.

* Update: The dedicated /threads endpoint I originally created has been replaced by the twitter threads category.

Why bother making a section for embedding threads? I’ve written many a thread that could be converted into a blog post, but when I sit down to do the work of converting, I often find myself stopped. I go into perfectionist mode and end up never publishing anything. So rather than overthinking the thread-to-blog step, I’m just gonna embed the tweets directly. Because even my off-the-cuff thoughts can be worth preserving and sharing.

Another thing: thread unroll apps are okay, but I don’t want my content being copied out to some third party. I don’t want to have to think about their legal policies regarding my data (Twitter is bad enough on its own). Plus by embedding all the tweets in a thread here, you get the original shape of the tweets–short-form and informal–while avoiding Twitter’s bullshit reply-hiding UI changes (omg infuriating).

While the thread format doesn’t work for everybody, it works very well for me. If there ends up being demand for long-form blog post versions of my threads, I will consider investing the time in creating them, but for now this accomplishes my goal.

Go check it out!