No affiliate links or anything here. This is just stuff I use.



60"x24” UPLIFT sit-stand desk in Carbonized Bamboo.

drafting chair. I wanted a tall chair for a couple reasons–mainly to deter Nova from climbing on me. It definitely backfired, she can easily claw at the tender backs of my arms while I’m in this chair. In general the chair has a very small seat, making it hard to sit cross-legged (which I tend to do when I’m focusing). The footrest also doesn’t stay in place well.

(Side note: I backed the Kickstarted for the BeYou transforming chair! Hopefully it’ll ship sometime in the second half of 2021.)

clamp-on cubicle walls. These help a lot with echo, background noise, and distractions in my peripheral vision. I also think it kind of levels up my workspace, decor-wise.


16” Macbook Pro.

hard shell case. It looks like the one I bought got taken down so I’ve linked the grey version. I’ve been buying cases like this for years because the slippery metal of a bare macbook makes me nervous.

laptop stand. If I had a do-over, I’d go with the laptop tray on an arm. This one is super sturdy but almost too difficult to adjust. Does the job, though.

34” curved widescreen monitor and a heavy duty monitor arm.

27” flat monitor, which I mount vertically on this 15.5” extra tall monitor arm.


surge protector - black.

power strip - white. I’ve been using this same power strip for years. I refuse to sacrifice the flat rotating wall plug.

CalDigit USB hub.

travel USB hub. I don’t use this much anymore.


Apple bluetooth keyboard.

Apple bluetooth trackpad.

Elgato stream deck mini.

Logitech presentation clicker. I also got a case for it.

Elgato game capture HD60S.


Logitech C920 HD Pro webcam.

Elgato Key Light Air (2). I think you’re supposed to use a ring light or a key light for your face. My challenge is that my workspace lacks ambient lighting.

green screen.


Blue Yeti USB microphone. Popular and attractive, it’s great for recording talks and podcasts. While it’s not the best for singing, it works well enough for my needs.

large heavy-duty mic arm. I originally had a smaller, much cheaper one but it basically just got in the way.

mini-USB extension cable. Like most people who own a Blue Yeti, it’s the only thing I own that uses a USB mini connector. I got this extension cable so I could easily run it up the longer mic arm I bought.

aux extension cable.

mic shock mount.

pop filter. I was previously using the traditional big round pop filter, but the mount was a pain and it took up way too much space. This one stays put and has a small visual footprint.

noise-cancelling bluetooth headphones.


unicorn keyboard wrist rest.

Ikea Kvissle desk organizers.

Umbra Sometime desk clock, which matches my Ikea stuff perfectly.

sheer curtains (1 pair).

curtain lights.


wifi router. I was able to expense this, thankfully. Made a noticable difference in my Zoom quality over the one my ISP provided.